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Intelligent Smart Matching Tool for MeetMagic.org

About The Client
MeetMagic.org is a platform that facilitates collaboration between companies and executives. Companies can use the platform to find the right executives for their business needs and executives can use the platform to connect with companies that are looking to meet them.
MeetMagic.org was facing a challenge in efficiently matching executives with the right companies. Their current matching system was basic and did not effectively analyze all the important attributes required for a successful match.
Our Solution
Abstrabit built a highly configurable and intelligent smart matching tool for MeetMagic.org that analyzes over 8 attributes using advanced AI algorithms and a covariance matrix. This tool helps match executives with the right companies, ensuring that companies only talk to their preferred executives. The tool is highly customizable, allowing MeetMagic.org to fine-tune the matching process to meet their business needs.
Key Features
AI Algorithm Development
Data Analysis
Desktop Application Development
User Interface Design
Requirements Gathering
Project Management
Skills Used
Machine Learning Libraries
Desktop Application Development Framework
SQL database
T he new matching tool helped MeetMagic.org improve their matchmaking process, making it more efficient and accurate. As a result, companies are now able to find the right executives more easily and executives are able to connect with companies that are the best fit for their needs. The new tool has received positive feedback from both companies and executives, making MeetMagic.org a more valuable platform for business collaboration.