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Data Analytics and Reporting System

About The Client
Nephos technologies is a leading data Services Integrator helping large companies solve complex data problems related to data strategy, data science, data visualization, and data governance.
Project Details
We built a data analytics and reporting system for Nephos Technologies that could help organizations understand their exposure of personal information in various data sources. The system was designed to pull data source scan reports from BigID and Smartsheet to perform detailed analysis, filtering and generating insights. The end goal was to provide an insightful dashboard based on Excel that would enable users to take action to prevent the exposure of personal information to unintended entities
Key Features
Data source integration from Big ID and Smartsheet
Advanced data analysis and filtering
Dashboard-based reporting on Excel
Actionable insights to prevent exposure of personal information
Skills Used
API Integration
Excel Macros
Technology Used
API Integration
T he system built by Abstrabit delivered a highly secure and efficient data analytics and reporting solution for Nephos technologies. The insightful dashboard based on Excel allowed organizations to identify, understand, and prevent exposure of personal information, providing protection to sensitive information. Abstrabit’s collaboration with Nephos technologies on this project was a huge success and showcased our expertise in building complex data analytics and reporting solutions.